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Bendy And The Machine 1#: It Begins. by ToriMooo Bendy And The Machine 1#: It Begins. by ToriMooo
That Florence And The Machine Reference indeed~

Poor sonva' bitch.

 Another piece of garbage artwork I found deep in the files of my PC. I like the game a lot, hell if anything? I LOVE it! but one problem...Internet? sit down and listen.

You are so not ruining this for me like you did with UnderTrash and Five Nights At Fuckboi's. I outright cringe whenever either one of those games are mentioned because of you! which really isn't fair to the developers, because they ARE good games that I enjoyed at one point. There's already a bunch of people comparing this to FNAF and UT...HOW? they're totally different games with completely dissimilar playing styles and graphics. I can hardly even enjoy GOOD art of either games anymore.

Internet...Be nice to Bendy And The Ink Machine.
UPDATE: Holy hell people like this? well...Here's a second one Bendy And The Machine #2: Devious Art.

UPDATE 2: Disabled comments because-
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THERE! that answers like 95% of the comments I was getting. I'm so shocked none of you get the freaking joke, flew over everyone's head! don't you find this a bit ironic? given what Bendy is?
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